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    GCMRM March 2014-17

Sponsorship Opportunities (GCMRM March 2016)

This global event is likely to receive wide coverage in press and electronic media. The name of your organization and its logo will be on display in the event and will therefore reach a wide and diversified audience. It will thus be an important event for industry, research, educational and public organizations. We therefore invite all business houses to join hands with us and sponsor a part of this event to be held at MDI, Gurgaon campus in Association with University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia AND University of Maribor, (Maribor) Slovenia in March, 2014.

The names of the esteemed sponsors will appear on a separate page of the conference material as well as at the specific event(s) being supported. Sponsorship can be materialized in a number of ways. For example, being a principal sponsor, co-sponsor and associate sponsor etc. Sponsorship of a conference session that is closer to your business can provide you with an opportunity to have your logo displayed as the backdrop. When delegates hear and debate issues concerning your business, they also repeatedly get to see your logo. Sponsors are welcome to come forward and host dinners and/or cultural programmes for select delegates outside the conference engagements that could be attended by some of your key functionaries where you could discuss specific issues with the top researchers in an informal setting. Sponsors could distribute their corporate brochures and other materials to the delegates.

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact: Mr. Manoj Gupta
[email protected]