About the Conference

Over the last 2 decades, the global economies have been gearing up to meet the challenges and opportunities emanating out of dynamic and emerging business environment. The world has witnessed some major financial crisis in the recent past due to inter-relatedness and interdependence no country can remain decoupled from. So managers, academia and concerned persons of all countries, companies, businesses, and governments have to find answers to questions arising out of emergent environment, and one of the key questions is “How to Manage in Recovering Markets”?

MDI Gurgaon INDIA (, a leading business school in India in collaboration with premier institutes and industry, across the globe is providing a common platform to discuss and confer this important question in series of conferences on the same theme ‘Managing in Recovering Markets’ planned through 2014-2017 in different locations across the globe.

MDI has already set the tone for the forthcoming global conferences by organizing a 3 days curtain raiser event, a global conference at its campus at Gurgaon in India during 5th - 7th March, 2014. Eminent research, academia, practitioners and policy makers, during the 3 days of that global event deliberated and presented their view points on a large number of global concerns where more than 120 research papers were presented. The synthesis of that curtain raiser as conference proceedings is being published exclusively by Springer - a leading publisher.

We invite you to our upcoming conferences and look forward to your active participation and collaboration.