Conference Attractions

Contribution to the Body of Knowledge

GCMRM is a way to contribute towards the research in academia and industry. The presenters get an access to a wider international audience and think-tank. The practitioners get an access to explore the business and consulting opportunities. The researchers get an access to the recent areas of research in their individual domains.

Sharing Regional best practices and case studies

Being a global conference, the researchers from across the globe shall be presenting their research with a global vision yet regional best practices and case study approach as a solution, which shall be a unique opportunity of integrating the thought process.

Access to New Business and Customers

It is but natural that the thought leaders when meet & share common perspectives, evolution of new business and opportunities await to be explored.

Global Collaboration between Professional Associations, Institutions and Societies

The participants from various institutions across the globe shall provide the right opportunity for professional bodies, institutions and practitioners to collaborate and forge alliances.


A perfect platform to network and leverage the presence and participation of professionals and thought leaders, policy makers from across the globe.

Places to Visit in India

The perfect weather at this time of the year to plan some sightseeing and enjoy the flora and fauna of India. After visiting the glory of our capital of India-New Delhi, the mystic and heritage of the Taj Mahal, the visit to the Pink City Jaipur and beauty and art of Khajuraho are not to be missed. If time permits, a visit to the global city of Mumbai and Bangalore and the glorious beach city of Goa are must.