Conference Tracks

You are invited to submit your paper on the following suggested tracks

(The below tracks are indicative and not exhaustive)

Accounting and Reporting for Stability

  • Fair Value accounting
  • Accounting for intangibles in internet era companies
  • Accounting and Reporting for transparency including related party transactions
  • Contingency reporting
  • Role of auditors in recovering markets
  • Management accounting and reporting for global companies
  • Transfer pricing issues and transparency
  • Earnings announcement and shareholder value in recovering markets
  • Relevance of accounting information for start-ups and internet era companies

Finance for the 21st century markets

  • Valuing new age businesses, venture capital backed start-ups
  • Compensation structures and incentives for agents in recovering markets
  • Structure and management of insurance for emerging needs
  • Capital structure and dividend policies in recovering markets
  • Changing complexion of private equity in recovering markets
  • Emerging sources of finance for business

Banking post the financial meltdown

  • The Basel framework and its efficacy
  • Banks and their Capital structure
  • Risk management in banks (Who bears the risks?)
  • Role of the banking sector in a recovering economy
  • Independence of the banking sector
  • Shareholder value creation in the banking sector
  • Regulations in banking – Need, extent, efficacy and impact
  • Retail vs. commercial vs. investment banking businesses – Is there a need for Chinese walls?
  • Role of the marketing function in the banking sector
  • Role of state owned banks in a recovering economy
  • Micro finance and financial inclusion

Investors and Investments in Recovering Markets

  • Investing in volatile markets
  • Role of technical analysis in recovering financial markets
  • Pension structures and reforms
  • Market microstructure and high frequency data analysis
  • Financial markets – Role, responsibility and structure in recovering markets
  • Mutual Funds – objective, structures and performance in recovering markets
  • Structured investments, hedge funds and complex derivatives as investment avenues
  • Investing in real assets vs. financial assets
  • Investor education and protection in recovering markets

Risk Management for Recovering Markets

  • International finance and managing exchange and business risks
  • Vulnerability of new world order to risks
  • Managing credit risk
  • Credit rating for firms and individuals
  • Role of credit rating agencies in recovering markets
  • Structured products and exotic derivatives – need of the hour or untouchables?

Behavioural Finance

  • Investor biases in recovering markets
  • Asset pricing anomalies and their implications for investment strategy in recovering markets
  • Behavioural explanations for real world bubbles
  • Behavioural factors influencing market volatility
  • Behavioural corporate finance: role of corporations in recovering markets

Role of fiscal and monetary policies in recovering markets

  • Fiscal consolidation in recovering markets and: Issues and challenges
  • Role of fiscal policy as a demand stimulus in recovering markets
  • Subsidies or cash transfers – which is a better option as measure of social welfare?
  • How independent should be the Central banks in recovering markets?
  • Inflation targeting and role of central bank in recovering markets

International Macroeconomic issues in recovering markets

  • Role of exchange rate system in the face of exchange rate volatility
  • Federal Reserves tapering of QE and its impact on currency markets of recovering markets
  • Foreign Direct Investment in recovering markets – enabler or disabler of domestic investment
  • Diversification of exports in recovering markets
  • Regional trade agreements and their impact on foreign trade in recovering markets
  • Domestic savings or foreign capital flows – the option for recovering market

Regulatory issues in Finance and Infrastructure

  • PPP in Infrastructure
  • Balancing financial stability and growth
  • Industrial policies
  • Market reforms and deregulation in recovering economy
  • Role of Infrastructural finance and development

Socio-economic issues and public policies in recovering markets

  • Problem of unemployment and job creation in Recovering economy
  • Social security safety net and Poverty eradication measures
  • Role of Public policy for access to basic facilities
  • Sustainable development and productivity issues
  • Role of Corporate Social and Environmental responsibilities

Cross Cultural Management

  • Growth of new management systems
  • Leadership styles cp. East and West
  • Managing for stakeholders - comparative studies
  • Institutional norms and business ethics
  • Managing expatriate employees

Operations Management and decision science

  • Technology Management
  • New Product Development
  • Operations Management
  • Purchasing and Procurement Management
  • Sustainable Operations Management
  • Manufacturing Policy

Strategy & Entrepreneurship

  • Critical perspectives on strategy
  • Strategic decision making
  • Impact of environmental complexity and dynamism
  • Family businesses
  • Growth strategies
  • Intrapreneurship
  • International new ventures
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable business models

Human Resource Management

  • Employee-employer relationships
  • Organizational fairness in HR practices
  • Trust deficit
  • Strategic human resource management
  • Managing human capital
  • High-skilled migration
  • Managing expatriate employees

Building competitive advantage through international business

  • The internationalization process
  • Strategic alliances, JV, M & A activities
  • Inclusive growth in foreign markets
  • Globalization and its impact
  • Innovation and Strategy
  • Corporate governance in cross-border ventures
  • Foreign Direct Investments (FDI)
  • Head office and subsidiary relationships

Marketing in Recovering Markets

  • Consumer behavior and Managing changing expectations
  • Branding issues
  • Consumer networks
  • Technology enabled Marketing in recovering economies

    • Technology for CRM
    • International Marketing
    • Social Media and Digital marketing
    • E- retailing and virtual marketing
    • Changing landscape of usage of technologies in recovering markets

    Tourism Management

    • Innovation and sustainability
    • Education and the workforce
    • Tourist behavior and experiences
    • Destination branding and marketing
    • Emerging markets and transformation
    • Resilient and adaptive organizations
    • Environmental and technological change

    Sectoral growth issues in recovering markets

    • Investment led growth or consumption led growth in recovering economies?
    • Role of State in infrastructure development in recovering economies
    • Role of agriculture in recovering economies
    • Retail sector growth
    • International Relations

      • Major Asian Powers in the Global System
      • Neighborhood Policies of the Major Asian Powers
      • RCEP and TPP and the Competing Models for Trade, Commerce and Security Partnerships.
      • ASEAN's Foreign Relations between Bilateralism and Multilateralism
      • Asian Regional Groupings and Extra-Regional Linkages

      Information & Communication Technology

      • Role of ICT in recovering markets
      • Issues in relation to governance of ICT sector
      • Impact of IT enabled services on Indian Economy
      • Emergence of m-governance
      • Challenges and Opportunities of ICT sector in India
      • Issues of ICT usage and security
      • Future Role ICT in Indian Economy

      Big Analytics & Intelligence

      • Application of Analytics in Recovering Markets
      • Analytics in Finance/Marketing/Retail/Insurance/Social Media
      • Descriptive Analytics
      • Predictive Analytics
      • Big Data Analytics
      • Prescriptive Analytics

      Urban Transformation and Sustainable Design

      • Creativity, Innovation, and Design Principles for Management
      • Sustainable Practices and Methods
      • Built Environments and Workspace Innovation
      • Sustainable Urban Policies and Practices
      • New Workplaces and New Work-Life Practices
      • Urban Transformations in the Workforce

      Reform & restructuring energy markets in recovering markets

      • Energy Efficiency & Demand Side Management
      • Energy market reforms and pricing issues
      • Cleaner Technologies
      • Investment opportunities in Energy industry
      • Geopolitics and import dependence

      Service Sector Management

      • Influence of Service sector on Indian Economy
      • Position and Trajectory of India's Service sector
      • Trends leisure industry
      • Transport industry
      • Travel tourism hostelry and catering
      • Hospital management
      • Housing and construction
      • IT industry
      • Financial industry.
      • Transition in services in recovering markets

      Supply Chain and Logistics

      • Changing Role of Supply chain & Logistics in recovering markets
      • Issues relation to infrastructure for supply chain and logistics
      • Supply Chain Alignment with other sector of the economy
      • Service Response Logistics
      • Supply Chain Resiliency
      • Green Logistics
      • Spare Parts Management
      • Store & Warehouse Management System
      • Changing paradigm of Supply chain & logistics across the world for the next decade.

      Corporate Governance in Reviving Markets

      • Governance in public and nonprofit sector
      • Corporate governance and independence of directorships
      • Corporate governance in banks
      • Women on Corporate Boards